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The Brain Gym® Course System

Brain Gym® Introduction (16 hrs)

This course is perfect for busy people who just want the basics. A week end seminar in which you'll learn to master the 26 fun exercises; find out when and how to use them to benefit yourself and others; practice the 5-step balance process for accomplishing your goals.

It doesn't count towards Brain Gym® licensing nor as a prerequisite for other Brain Gym® classes.

Brain Gym I & II (28 hrs)

This course is a prerequisite for most other Brain Gym classes and a requirement for licensing. It demonstrates how to apply the Brain Gym movements to benefit yourself and others.

Four full days – usually spread onto two weekends – in which you’ll find out why and when to use the 26 fun exercises; practice the 5-step balance process for accomplishing your goals; learn two highly effective repatternings and advanced balances.

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Training options for workplace and schools

  • Short seminars and talks
  • Whole school or selected year visits to the classroom for joint teacher/pupil training
  • Training delivered in stages over a term or other chosen time span
  • Presentations for large or small groups
  • Other customised training to suit your needs.